blue collar resume samples

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Blue collar resume samples a comparasion essay

Blue collar resume samples


Companies are looking to hire skilled, well-rounded candidates who can do a host of things well. They also want workers who have soft skills, such as the ability to communicate effectively. Employers complain that it's often difficult to find well-qualified blue-collar workers who possess these soft skills. To stand out as a candidate, you can use a blue-collar resume to highlight your skills. Even if a potential employer does not require a resume or asks you to fill out an application, offer to send a copy of your resume or bring one along to the interview.

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Bob Weinstein, Monster Contributing Writer. Related Articles. Browse articles by Find The Right Career Path. Professional Development. Close Looking for the right fit? Sign up to get job alerts relevant to your skills and experience. Employers should want to hire you from the summary alone. For instance, consider including:. The Experience section is an opportunity to highlight your skills and accomplishments. Focus on quantifying your accomplishments and painting a picture of what you achieved instead of writing a list of job duties.

Noting achievements like boosted sales or an excellent attendance or safety record can set you apart from the competition. Workers in skilled labor and day labor often have trouble identifying their achievements because they feel they are simply doing their jobs. Having a hard time identifying your accomplishments? Ask yourself these questions:. Customize your resume to the job description you are applying for and consider writing a new resume for each job application you submit.

Your education and training is another avenue to sell yourself. Employers like seeing hands-on education and training related to your trade. Use the education section to list schools attended, vocational training, continuing education and any certifications or licenses you may have. If you completed a program, list the courses completed so employers can understand the breadth of your formal training.

Spelling and grammatical errors are notoriously and unfortunately common on resumes especially blue-collar resumes. Typos tell potential employers that you lack attention to detail. Details always matter even in the blue collar industry. Avoid common resume mistakes by carefully proofreading and having others proofread for you.

Having a second pair of eyes on your resume from someone with strong writing skills could help you avoid errors. Taking a few extra minutes to proofread helps you stand out as someone who pays attention to details and could mean the difference between landing an interview and being skipped over.

Also, stay away from strange fonts or colors that could come off as unprofessional. Starting strong, fleshing out your work history, mentioning related education and proofreading are all ways to help your resume stand out.

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