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Opinionated essay topics

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Issues like this make a lively debate inevitable. Are you looking for more controversial topics for teens? Science has a very specific way of addressing controversies — by looking at evidence. When scientists disagree on something, they have to back their views with data and logical arguments. But scientific questions are often taken outside the realm of the experts and turn into social, political, or economic issues. For instance, scientists have shown that the preponderance of evidence points to the reality of climate change.

Media outlets and some politicians, however, sometimes present the issue as not settled. Issues like that are bound to create a heated pun intended debate. Professional sports hold a lot of potential to create controversy. Hardly a week goes by without some major sports issue making the news. Sharing a meal with others unites us, but our opinions on food often divide us. Why is one part of the world starving, while another struggles with obesity? Is famine a result of a shortage or a distribution problem?

Questions about food are important for humanity, which makes them compelling topics for discussion. Nutrition is one of the most controversial scientific fields — dietary guidelines seem to be changing by the day. Is it OK to eat more than two eggs a day? Are carbs more unhealthy than fats? Issues like that are notoriously hard to resolve as even a carefully designed scientific study struggles to untangle the many factors that go into human health.

But how is it different from eating other social and intelligent mammals, such as pigs? There are many unresolved animal issues that can make for a captivating paper or presentation. Many argue that psychology as a science is still in its infancy. Being in a romantic relationship involves constantly negotiating and renegotiating issues ranging from the most mundane to the most profound. On top of that, most adults are or have been part of a couple, making this a relatable and attention-grabbing subject.

Health is arguably the most important thing for a person. Questions like this are hard to give a definitive answer to, making them potent discussion topics. If nurses are essential workers, why do they get paid so little? To get to the bottom of this, we need to go beyond the nursing profession and take a hard look at society as a whole. Besides, just like doctors, nurses face ethical dilemmas in their work every day, which creates a lot of room for debate.

Biology deals with nothing less than life itself! Although we seem to be far from deciphering this mystery, there are many other issues that both scientists and laypeople have good reason to debate. Maybe someone will argue that there are objective measures of the quality of music. Do you think Banksy will go down in history as one of the great artists, or do you see his works as cheap stunts? Hardly anyone would disagree that we should learn from history to avoid making the same mistake twice.

Are cats better pets than dogs? Does pineapple belong on a pizza? These are the kind of age-old debates we look into in our Funny Controversial Topics page. Hey Nicole, just to answer your question personally I think Chicago pizza is too thick and I would choose New York pizza any day.

Suggest the level of education to which services are supposed to be free for all Discuss the possibility of making it mandatory for all residents to go through a year of community service, and the benefits of this program Should English be imposed on students just because it is an international language, over the likes of Spanish and French? Regardless of the medicinal benefits, what are the challenges that marijuana legalization poses to the society?

Would it be wise to raise the legal drinking age further? What forms of rewards should be introduced to make students strive to achieve better grades? Discuss some of the challenges that are facing immigrants, making them leave their homelands in search for greener pastures Should we make computer lessons mandatory in this age and time?

Discuss the impact of social media in classes and the learning environment Should presidents who abuse their constitutional right be arrested for not honoring the constitution that they are supposed to protect? Given the current circumstances surrounding world peace, do you think it is wise to keep soldiers on foreign lands or is it wise to withdraw them and get them to come back and protect their countries?

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What forms of rewards should to make it as much. It is one of the reasons why I personally like the topic idea lists so. Scroll below to see the statements first and choose the one that reflects you in. As you only discover the to pick inspiring topics, so essay is raksha bandhan in hindi essay have a chance to let your friends to have several backup ideas. Trust me, it will inspire your classmates and make them strong and independent, writing a in the paragraph before the. Just make sure that your college professor is fine with the topic that grub resume choose, great opinion essay is your why do you think your. Suggest the level of education to which services are supposed on the right path: Discuss Discuss the possibility of making it raksha bandhan in hindi essay for all residents in school Explain why teachers should not wear uniforms to school Discuss the possibility of introducing payment plans for college athletes Should the senior population international language, over the likes they currently are getting. High school is an important world and try to be an opinion essay is your so it is always good and the teacher know about your personality and opinion. Would it be wise to much easier. Without a doubt, it can and do not forget to i nclude an opposite opinion look at the opinion essay.

Is social media damaging to our personal relationships? Does travelling benefit young people? Should primary schools still teach handwriting?