how to write clear instructions

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How to write clear instructions uwo psychology thesis

How to write clear instructions


Step-by-step instructions typically use the second-person point of view you, your, yours. Instructions are usually conveyed in the active voice and the imperative mood: Address your audience directly. Instructions are often written in the form of a numbered list so that users can clearly recognize the sequence of the tasks.

Effective instructions commonly include visual elements such as pictures, diagrams, and flowcharts that illustrate and clarify the text. These are called wordless instructions. Penrose, et al. Thomson, Here are the basic features of instructions:.

Sequentially ordered steps are the centerpiece of a set of instructions, and they typically take up much of the space in the document. Pearson, Penguin, In either case, the most common error is to make them too complicated for the audience. Carefully consider the technical level of your readers. Use white space , graphics, and other design elements to make the instructions appealing.

Most important, be sure to include Caution, Warning, and Danger references before the steps to which they apply. To evaluate the accuracy and clarity of a set of instructions, invite one or more individuals to follow your directions. Observe their progress to determine if all steps are completed correctly in a reasonable amount of time. Have some kind of introductory statement about what the instructions are for.

That way, your instructions will be more accurate. Number your steps. Use a different step for each action you want your reader to take. Keep sentences short and simple. Use the imperative command mood. That will help keep instructions direct. Use complete sentences. Include appropriate graphics , and make sure that there is a clear relationship between graphics and the accompanying text.

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The trick to writing good instruction materials is to make it as clear as possible. With a little work and some careful attention, though, you can produce instructions that detail the step-by-step in a manner that the intended readers can understand. Here are some guidelines:. Use a clear, straightforward heading. The reader should know what the instructions are for as soon as they see that. Make a point of naming actors for each step. If one step requires two or more people, give each one separate instructions.

Start your instruction with a verb e. Use either numbered or bulleted lists. As someone reads instructions, they're in the mindset to complete the task. If you start telling them what not to do, they might get confused and do that thing anyway. Write in second person. The pronoun "you" allows you to address your reader directly and can avoid confusion. When you use the pronoun "you," the reader knows exactly what they must do to complete the task, and doesn't have to guess.

Include alternatives. For some tasks, there will be more than one way to accomplish a step or group of steps. Provide the alternative along with the step so that the reader can choose how they want to complete the task. Use graphics where helpful. You may have heard the phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words. Part 3 of Organize your instructions into parts. Some complicated tasks have more than one part. If you're writing instructions for a larger task that includes several smaller parts, separate them into separate sections.

The reader will feel a sense of accomplishment after finishing each part. You should still break your task into parts, even if it doesn't have any semi-independent parts. Too many steps can overwhelm your readers. Try your instructions as written. If you can't follow your instructions as written, nobody else will be able to follow them either.

Enlist friends to complete your instructions as well and let you know if they found anything confusing. Edit your instructions carefully. Typos and grammatical errors can ruin otherwise clear writing, making your instructions hard to follow. Read through them backwards and forwards to make sure they're error-free.

Include a list of tools or supplies needed. Particularly if a task requires specific tools or materials, a list can be helpful for your readers. Put the list towards the beginning of your instructions so your reader can gather materials before they begin the task. Recipes always provide a list of ingredients and cookware at the beginning, so you can gather all these things before you start making the dish.

Provide warnings where appropriate. After testing your instructions, you may realize that there are hidden dangers you didn't address when you first wrote your instructions. Alert your readers to these dangers so they can take precautions. Instructions are important because they teach us how to do things we may not know how to do or how to do them better. Not Helpful 20 Helpful Instructions should include examples and pictures because people learn in different ways.

Some learners can be reading and writing based, some are visual, and some need examples to completely understand the instructions and process. If you didn't include these, some people would understand, and some people may struggle. Not Helpful 11 Helpful People learn in a variety of manners, some do best by consulting a text, and the written form provides a reference for later review.

Not Helpful 13 Helpful Should I have an introduction when presenting in front of my class? And how should I end my presentation? Yes you need an introduction to let the class know what you will be presenting. I would end with, "Thank you for listening to my presentation, are there any questions? Writing your instructions as a list rather than a paragraph can make it easier for your readers to comprehend, so I would recommend using a list structure.

Open Word, it should open with a new document. Type out what you want on the document. Go to File, Save As. Select where you want to save it on your computer a certain folder, etc. Type a name for the document in the File name box, and then click Save.

Not Helpful 27 Helpful It depends on what you are instructing them to do. You say they are "going to camp"; so are the instructions to prepare them for the camp trip? If so, your introduction could provide information such as: pick-up point, time of departure, time of return, dates of the camping trip, etc.

The actual Instructions could be a step-by-step guide on "what to expect" during the trip, such as, what to bring for the trip; travel accommodations; rules regarding behavior, etc. Not Helpful 3 Helpful 6. Is it possible to let the employer know that I do better with written instructions?

Of course! Letting people know what you need is important. Not Helpful 4 Helpful 2. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Submit a Tip All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published. Related wikiHows How to. How to. More References About This Article. Co-authored by:. Co-authors: Updated: October 21, Categories: Technical Writing. Article Summary X To write clear instructions, break up the task you're trying to describe into multiple steps that each contain just one action, which will make your instructions easier to follow.

Italiano: Scrivere Istruzioni Chiare. Bahasa Indonesia: Membuat Panduan yang Jelas. Nederlands: Heldere instructies schrijven. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read , times. Did this article help you?


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How to write Instructions ?(Technical English)

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Write an introduction explaining what the instructions will cover. Break down the task into clear, logical steps. Use the imperative mood when writing up your instructions for clarity.